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paint in berlin

Learn to paint and discover berlin

You want to learn to draw and paint realistic and easily - here you are in the right place!
We dive into the diversity of the city and learn to paint and to draw on the spot in Berlin. more >


Modul 1 BASIC

sundays 2-4pm
Basic rules and technics in drawing and painting for beginners.


Modul 2 SPACE

mondays 3-5pm
Foundations for the perspective image set-up and the spatial representation.


Modul 3 HUMAN

tuesdays 4-6pm
Understanding the basic framework of the human figure for drawing body positions and expressive portraits. more



1 appointment with 2 hours is 20€. 1 package with 5 dates (recommended!) of 2hrs each is 90€.
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Take part in the artist metropole

Make your own picture of the city, not digital, but handmade with paper, pencil and color,
simply unmistakable and individual like yourself!

Learn to draw and paint under professional guidiance in the middle of the city.

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pictures and impressions from urban places and in Cafés. This are sketches on paper with pencil, coal, pastels, acrylic and watercolors or with mixed medias:

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About "paint in berlin"

Learn to paint directly on the spot

"Drawing is the art of walking strokes."
Paul Klee
The aim of the courses is to make easily sketches to draw everywhere you want (urban scetching). For this you'll learn to develop the view for the essential and to capture with a few lines a situation. We look for suitable motifs in changing places and draw what inspires us. With professional guidance of Berlin artists, even demanding motifs can be put on paper. All dates take place outside and directly on site. In bad weather we go on a ship or to nearby cafes, where we can draw situations in the café or our view from the window. Even beginners can start here with the elementary boarding aids with painting and drawing. The first results are for many participants to their amazement usually amazingly good.
The current meeting points can be found at contact. We paint in small groups, so the number of participations is limited. A timely registration is recommended! The courses take place continuously and getting in is possible at any time by prior registration. Paid courses can be reedemed at will and do not expire.
You can bring your own material such as sketch paper (max. A4), pens and colors.

The Price for 1 date (2hrs) is 20€, a package of 5 dates (recommended) is 90€.
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The 3 different modules and the individual lessons:

There will be soon or on demand:

gift certificates - painting sets - special group offers and much more

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